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Itchy + Irritated Skin

Situation 1

Hot spot flare-ups

Situation 2

Red, raw, or irritated skin

Situation 3

Ears have smelly unpleasant odor

Situation 4

Ears appear raw or waxy

Situation 5

Dry, flaky, scaly, itchy, sensitive skin due to seasonal irritants

Hot Spot Spray

Our ouchless answer to skin miseries. This alcohol-free, no-sting spray quickly calms painful hot spots. Plus, soothes itchy, raw, irritated skin. All without affecting topical flea control. Use Hot Spot Foam when something is needed that is gentle enough to apply directly to a wound.

Hot Spot Shampoo

No-sting clean! Our alcohol-free shampoo cleans and soothes hot spots as well as irritated skin. Will not affect topical flea control. Use with Hot Spot Foam and Spray.

Ear Relief DRY

A calm ear calms down the whole dog. Our nonstinging formulas wash and dry to an absorbent powder. This helps maintain the ear's normal pH balance to instantly control ear odor. Also helps prevent ear scratching, waxy build-up and swimmer's ear, plus soothes red, sore ears.

Seasonal Allergy Support

Help for seasonal woes. For dogs plagued with seasonal allergies, our calming blend gently supports skin health due to exposure to pollens and flea bites. Contains Nettle Leaf to support normal histamine levels.

It works better together.

How It Works

  • Calm skin using our Hot Spot Spray and Hot Spot Foam.
  • Clean and soothe skin and soften coat with our Hot Spot Shampoo.
  • Maintain normal histamine levels and support healthy skin with our Seasonal Allergy Support tabs.