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Ear Care

Situation 1

Long-eared dog

Situation 2

Itchy, red, sore ears

Situation 3

Waxy build-up in ear

Situation 4

Swimmer's ear

Situation 5

Unpleasant ear odor

Ear Relief WASH

Especially helpful for long-eared dogs. This formula soothingly cleans ears and eases scratching, redness and soreness due to waxy build-up and keeps the ear canal fresh. It also helps guard against swimmer's ear. Follow up in combination with Ear Relief DRY.

Ear Relief DRY

A dry ear is a happy ear. Our nonstinging, alcohol-free formula turns into an absorbent powder finish. This helps maintain the ear's normal pH balance to instantly control unpleasant ear odor. Also helps prevent ear scratching, guards against waxy build-up and swimmer's ear, plus soothes red, sore ears. Use in tandem with Ear Relief WASH.

It works better together.

How It Works

  • Clean and soothe ear with Ear Relief WASH.
  • Keep ear canal fresh and dry using Ear Relief DRY.
  • Instantly control ear odor with Ear Relief DRY.